G o o d K i l l

Showcasing 2 Projects


Expression I is a collection that probes into the human ability to adjust and evolve to ever-changing surroundings and situations. Through the use of malleable hidden wiring and double-sided fabrics, the designer has created versatile pieces that reflect this notion of endless adaptability and serve as a reminder of human nature and our resilience. The collection premiered at Fashion Forward Dubai in 2019.

Expression II, Level 0

Expression II, Level 0, GOOD KILL’s latest collection, strips back to the roots with a focus on, minimal colors and raw textures. Brought to life in 2020 in Lebanon – in the midst of economic collapse and the lockdown restrictions of the pandemic – the clothing and furniture collection was a kind of home experiment in response to people’s insular environments and changing habits under multiple crises. It features multi-functional, dynamic, and utilitarian pieces that are elevated in time, as well as the designer’s first foray into home furnishings, inspired by the major social shift of working from home.