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Good Kill

GOODKILL was inspired by Dadaist collage art – using patchwork, dark colors, absurd use of lines and edges, and unorthodox experimentation with textures. Using these elements, GOODKILL represents a reaction against traditional women’s wear. The resulting pieces replace typical feminine silhouettes with wide, asymmetrical forms and layering. This winter collection is androgynous and edgy, employing raw edges and geometric cuts.


Civvies is an eco-friendly fashion label centred around original textile design. Innovative illustrated patterns are printed on sustainable fabrics giving each piece a unique identity. The label pays careful attention to ensure the entire production process is ethical and socially responsible through empowering vulnerable communities with the tools and materials to craft beautiful products.


Taking its name from a term coined by the French philosopher Henri Bergson, the Élan Vital collection was inspired by the compelling force to remember, reignite and empower our now dwindling connection with planet Earth. Every print, fabric and texture was pieced together using organic processes and experimental techniques, allowing the materials to interact independently and set their own creative blueprint for the design. The resulting prints and textures reflect nature’s many masterpieces, from cracks on thirsty lands to the wet imprints of muddy waters. Ultimately, the designer is rendered passive; a vessel through which nature plays out its creations. 


Human Nature explores the parallels between humans and the powerful forces of the natural world. The collection narrates the story of a volcano, which sits serenely in the vast emptiness of its surrounding terrain, but bubbles internally with fire, motion and chemical conversations. It also reflects the deep and emotive movements that lay just beneath the surface of humans. The energy inside the volcano eventually erupts, resulting in destruction, creation and transformation – natural forces that are reflected in human nature. The collection illustrates these

ideas through expressions of colour, organic draping and textures.