The Master Peace

A not-for-profit clothing and furniture label that shares a message of peace through a genuine expression of art. The Master Peace line evolved out of the designer’s project with Syrian refugee communities in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley for SAWA for Development and Aid. The label brings together traditional handicraft detailing and natural fabrics with contemporary cuts to create timeless pieces that are rooted in the rural landscapes they were produced in.


Civvies is an eco-friendly fashion label centred around original textile design. Innovative illustrated patterns are printed on sustainable fabrics giving each piece a unique identity. The label pays careful attention to ensure the entire production process is ethical and socially responsible through empowering vulnerable communities with the tools and materials to craft beautiful products.


An evening-wear collection collectively designed and produced by students and alumni from Beirut’s CSB School of Design, including Hazem Kais. The fashion line was a collaboration with the fashion concept store, Santiago Beirut, where the pieces were sold.


Based between Beirut and Berlin, Barakunan is an independent publisher, creative consultancy and media producer that offers a dynamic platform for a global community of writers, artists and poets to tell their stories. Prior to the launch of the publishing house, Kais teamed up with Barakunan to design an array of costumes that reflected their renowned characters.


الميرم: عرض أدائي مسرحي في ثلاثة أجزاء للمخرجة اللبنانية مريم حمود، تم عرضه على خشبة مسرح دوّار الشمس

تصميم أزياء:حازم قيس